The MSS office will be closed from midday Thursday 22 December 2022 to 9 January 2023. New Zealand graduates wishing to be registered must submit their registration application by 15 December 2022. Newly registered practitioners must submit their APC application before 19 December 2022 to receive their APC before the Christmas break.

Ceasing or returning to practise

Ceasing practise

Please notify the Board if you are:

  • Retiring
  • Moving overseas
  • Changing careers
  • Going on parental leave

Or any other reason you might be ceasing practise and no longer require a current APC.

Returning to practise

If you have not practised for more than 3-years immediately preceding your APC application's date, you must meet several return-to-practice requirements to assure the Board of your competence to practice in New Zealand safely. Those requirements may differ depending on the length of time elapsed since you ceased practising in New Zealand.

If you wish to return to practice, you will need to apply online for an APC and provide the following documentation:

Criminal History

A criminal history/police report from any country where you have lived for 12-months or more (including New Zealand) since you last held an APC. The report must be no more than 6-months old. Please ensure all current and previous names are included in the check. 

Please note: Only the following criminal history checks will be accepted by the Board:

For countries not on this list, please check with the Board. The Immigration New Zealand website may provide some guidance. 

Please note, criminal check certificates issued by a third party will not be accepted.


Curriculum vitae

Please provide an updated curriculum vitae.


Two written professional references.

Clinical Experience

Clinical Experience Form (if you have worked overseas since you last held an APC).

Restoration to the register

If your name has been removed from the register you can apply for it to be restored.  You will be required to complete a declaration and pay the restoration fee. 

Revision of the Register

If you have not held an APC in the past five years you will be contacted about if you wish to leave your name on the register.  If you agree, your name will be removed from the register.  If at a later date you wish to return to practice you can apply to have your name restored to the register.