Enabling Conditions

Registered Medical Imaging Technologists and Radiation Therapists have the opportunity to apply for enabling conditions to be added to their scope of practice. Enabling conditions allow practitioners to undertake activities outside their scope of practice.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist Enabling Conditions

For Nuclear Medicine Technologists with a qualification that does not include SPECT/PET and/or diagnostic CT and want to undertake diagnostic CT’s independently, including on a hybrid SPECT/PET CT you will need to:

  1. Enrol for the RAINS Diagnostic CT credentialing course (or another pre-approved course).
  2. Before commencing the supervised practise, you must provide the:
  • details of the site where you will be working
  • name(s) of your supervisor; and
  • proposed timeline for completing the period of supervision

03. Complete the approved course and 120 hours supervised practise under level 1 supervision in diagnostic CT.

04. Provide evidence you have completed the course and a copy of your logbook.

05. Within 8 weeks of sign off by the Board complete a further 120 hours  supervised practise in diagnostic CT.

06. At the end of the 8 weeks supervised practice submit a logbook and a supervisor(s) report confirming your competence to carry out diagnostic CT’s independently.

Enabling Conditions to move to other modalities

The Board also has pathways for practitioner in apply for enabling conditions to move into different modalities.  The pathways are set out in the Pathway to move into different document.