Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

You are expected and are responsible for maintaining your competence in medical imaging or radiation therapy practice by undertaking relevant CPD.

CPD is important for retaining your competence and keeping updated on the most current medical imaging or radiation therapy practice.

Please note the below changes have been made to the CPD cycle:

  • CPD will now be managed within a two-year period known as a biennium. Each biennium is fixed.
  • Each year of the cycle will now be aligned to a calendar year – that being from January to December.
  • Audits will now be carried out by the Board every two years, in the year following the end of a biennium. This means the Board will now audit 40% of practitioners who hold a current practising certificate. Each practitioner selected for audit must provide their CPD information for the whole biennium.

The CPD policy will be updated in due course with these changes to the CPD cycle.

Recertification Requirements

2023 will be a transition year. Practitioners selected for audit in 2023 will need to provide one-year’s worth of CPD relating to the CPD they undertook between January to December 2022. 20% of practitioners who hold a current practising certificate will be selected. Those selected must provide evidence that they have engaged in at least 10 hours of CPD between January - December 2022.

There will be no audit in 2024, however, practitioners must ensure they continue to engage in CPD during 2023 and 2024.

The 2025 audit will cover the 2023-2024 biennium. 40% of practitioners who hold a current practising certificate will be selected in 2025. In readiness for the 2025 audit, practitioners must ensure their two years of CPD for 2023 and 2024 meets the minimum hours requirement: 40 hours over the biennium. A minimum of 15 hours must be completed in any one year.

Exemption from Audits

You may be exempted from audit if you are currently:

  • On parental leave;
  • Working overseas;
  • On long-term sick leave (i.e. more than 3 months) and provide a medical certificate;
  • Experiencing a family bereavement that results in non-practice for a period of greater than 3 months.

All requests to be exempted from an audit must be made within 14 working days of you being notified you have been selected for audit.


All audit documentation must be emailed to:

Please include your registration number in all communications with the Board.

CPD resources


If you are called for audit in 2023 you will be required to provide the following documentation:


Part A of the form is for you to complete, and Part B is for your employer to complete.  If you hold an APC in more than one scope of practice, you need to submit a declaration for each scope of practice.

Employment History

A brief description of key responsibilities in your current and previous roles. This information helps us align your logged CPD activities with your professional role and track recent practice hours. Your employment history should cover the audit period: January - December 2022.


 A logbook listing the CPD activities you have completed between January and December 2022. The list should include the following information for each activity: 

  • Date and time of CPD activity.
  • Location of activity (if applicable).
  • Type of CPD activity - substantive or general CPD activity.
  • Brief description of the activity.
  • CPD hours for the activity.
  • Source, reference, provider details, or name of facilitator/speaker.
  • A total of substantive and general activities completed each year.
Reflective Statements

Provide two reflective statements:

  • One must be related to your scope of practice (substantive activities).
  • One must be related to ethical practice or culturally appropriate practice. 

Provide evidence (attendance certificates, attendance sheets or references to articles you wrote or read) for three of the CPD activities you have completed between January and December 2022. 

You must provide all requested documentation before the due date, otherwise, you can delay your audit results.