Scopes of Practice, Definitions and Qualifications

To be considered for registration as a medical imaging and/or radiation therapy practitioners in any of the specified scopes of practice, you must hold a qualification for that particular scope as accredited by the Board or approved by the Board as being substantially equivalent to the accredited qualifications.

In addition to having an approved qualification you may also be required to demonstrate that you have adequate experience in the relevant scope of practice.

"Substantially Equivalent" Qualifications

The Board has approved a number of non-New Zealand qualifications as being substantially equivalent to the accredited qualifications. See link at bottom of this page to download a copy of the list of non-New Zealand qualifications currently approved as being substantially equivalent.

To be approved a "substantially equivalent" status, a qualification programme must be of at least three years (fulltime equivalent) duration and contain a clinical assessment component.

Approving qualifications as being substantially equivalent involves a formal assessment process undertaken by Board-appointed assessors.

Please Note:

The list of substantially equivalent qualifications is not static and continued inclusion on this list for a particular qualification cannot be guaranteed.  The Board regularly reviews its register of substantially equivalent qualifications for each scope of practice to ensure they continue to meet the competency requirements for registration.  Should a subsequent assessment find that the qualification has not met the entry-level competencies required for registration in the relevant scope of practice, that qualification will be removed from the "approved" list.

Click on the scope of practice you are interested in to learn about the qualifications and experience required:

Medical Imaging Technologist

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology

Nuclear Medicine Technology

Radiation Therapist


Trainee Scopes of Practice

Without registration a person may not use any of the above titles or do anything calculated to suggest a person is qualified to be registered or able to practise in the scopes of practice gazetted for the profession of medical radiation technology.

A practitioner may be registered and hold an annual practising certificate in more than one scope of practice.


Pathways for practitioners to move into different modalities