Registration Examination

If your qualification assessed as not being equivalent to a prescribed qualification, the Board may offer the applicant a registration pathway.  The pathway could be an online examination or a registration examination assessment (REA). The Board is phasing out REA’s in favour of the online examination. You will be given a 12-month period to sit the online examination or commence the REA.  If you have previously been offered an REA, you can ask the Board if you can sit the online examination instead.  if you choose to enrol in the online examination, you will not subsequently be able to elect to complete an REA.

Registration examination assessment

The Board is phasing out REA’s but in certain circumstances, the Board may offer a candidate an REA.  Practitioners who have been offered an REA must start their placement at an approved clinical site within 12 months of the offer being made.  

For more information on the REA process please click here.

Online examination


You are only eligible to sit the online examination if the MRTB has required you to sit and pass the online examination for the purpose of registration under the Health Practitioners Competences Assurance Act 2003.


The MRTB’s online examination is delivered through Kryterion’s Testing platform. To take the examination you need access to a personal computer and a reliable internet connection. To take the examination you log on to the Kryterion test platform. During the entire examination, you will be monitored in real-time by a proctor employed by Kryterion Inc. The monitoring involves your face, voice, desk, and workspace being captured via a webcam. These images are recorded for the purposes of test security and the integrity of the examination process.

For further information on the requirements for taking the online examination including computer set-up, materials, IT support and how to launch the online examination refer to Kryterion’s Test Takers Guide – Online Proctoring


To enrol in the examination, you need to send in the signed online exam agreement and pay the online examination fee.  The agreement and payment must be received before registrations for the next scheduled examination opens.


The day before registration opens, we will email you the URL for the online examination portal and your unique authorisation code. Once you are registered you can select the date and time you wish to sit the examination and sit a practice exam to help you become familiar with the structure and question style of a typical examination.

Examination Dates

The online examinations for all scopes of practice are held quarterly.

June 2021

Enrolment closes              21 May 2021

Registration                        24 May 2021       to 31 May 2021

Examinations                     4 June 2021 to 14 June 2021


September 2021

Enrolment closes              20 August 2021

Registration                        23 August 2021 to 30 August 2021

Examination                       3 September 2021 to 13 September 2021


December 2021

Enrolment closes              19 November 2021

Registration                        22 November 2021 to 26 November 2021

Examination                       1 December 2021 to 10 December 2021


For more information about the structure, content and conduct of the examination please read and review the MRTB’s Candidates Handbook.

You can download the Examination Rules Agreement here.