Registration Examination Assessments

If you do not hold a qualification that is approved as being "substantially equivalent", but do have significant clinical experience in the relevant scope of practice, the Board may offer you an opportunity to sit a registration examination assessment (REA) as a path to gaining registration in New Zealand. 

"Significant clinical experience" is defined as a minimum of 2 years (fulltime equivalent) clinical experience that involves a range of procedures and equipment.

What does this mean?

The REA allows you to work under supervision at a clinical site approved by the Board for a period of 3 months to allow you time to become familiar with the protocols procedures and equipment of the particular clinical department.  Following this familiarisation period you will undergo a 1-day examination assessment.

You will be given a 12-month period within which to take up the offer of a REA.  In some circumstances, the Board may consider an extension to this acceptance period.  Should you require an extension to taking up the offer of a REA, you must apply to the Board in writing. 

Please note:       REA extension requests must be received by the Board prior to the expiry of the current offer period.  You must also provide a detailed reason as to why you require the extension, and the Board may ask you to provide supporting documented evidence.

Offer of REA

You will receive written notification of a REA offer including an application form for you to complete, a list of clinical sites, and a copy of the competency documents relevant to the scope of practice for which you are applying for registration.

It will be your responsibility to secure a placement at one of the clinical sites where you will undertake the familiarisation period and the examination assessment itself.

Immigration requirements

You will need to ensure you are eligible to work in New Zealand.  If you live overseas you may need to apply to the New Zealand Immigration Department for a work visa prior to coming to New Zealand to undertake your 3-month familiarisation period.  The Board is unable to advise you on your eligibility status to work in New Zealand, or what is required for gaining a work visa.  You can get this information from the New Zealand Immigration Department

Do you have a placement?

Once you have a confirmed placement at a clinical site, and the name of the person who will be supervising you throughout the REA process you must notify the Board and pay the required fee of $2620.00.  This fee cover the costs of the REA and the assessment cannot be undertaken until the Board has receipt of this payment.  Please note this fee is non-refundable. 

During your period of familiarisation you will be required to work under the supervision of a registered medical imaging and/or radiation therapy practitioners who holds a current practising certificate in the scope of practice for which you are seeking registration.  At no time during your familiarisation period will you be permitted to work unsupervised and you will not be permitted to work on the clinical site's on-call roster.  You will be required to complete both a logbook and a module on New Zealand legislation and these must be submitted to the Board two-weeks prior to the day of your examination assessment.  See link at bottom of this page to download a copy of the Board's Working under Supervision policy.

It is important you understand this 3-month familiarisation period is not a period of learning.  The purpose of the REA is for you to demonstrate to the Board that you already have the skills to meet the minimum requirements for registration as a medical imaging and/or radiation therapy practitioners (for the relevant scope of practice) in New Zealand.  The 3-month period is to give you an opportunity to become familiar with the protocols, procedures and equipment used within the New Zealand medical imaging or radiation therapy clinical environments.

Ready to sit an REA?

Prior to sitting the examination assessment your supervisor will need to notify the Board that you are ready to sit the REA.  That is, you have completed the familiarisation period and observed a satisfactory number and range of patients and procedures.

On the day of the examination assessment you will be assigned a number of clinical procedures to conduct and will be observed by two Board-approved REA assessors.  You will also be required to respond to a number of questions from the assessors.  The assessment will focus on your ability to meet all of the competencies (as detailed in the competency documents sent to you when you were offered a REA) in the relevant scope of scope of practice in any medical imaging environment in New Zealand.

The REA assessors then write a report for the Board, detailing the outcomes of your examination assessment including a conclusion as to whether or not you meet the required minimum competencies for registration in the relevant scope of practice.

After completing the REA

The Board then makes a final decision as to whether or not you will be approved for New Zealand registration (in the relevant scope of practice).

Should you be unsuccessful in meeting the requirements of the REA, you may appeal to the Board for a reconsideration of the results of the examination assessment and may request an opportunity to re-sit the examination assessment. 

A re-sit of a REA will only be granted if there is an indication the REA process has been compromised in some way.  The Board's Registration Examination Assessment Committee has the delegated authority to decide whether or not a re-sit of a REA will be approved.