CPD and Compliance Audits

An essential component of the Board's recertification framework is the audit of CPD records.  An audit is an official examination of CPD records against a set of pre-determined criteria.  These audits are a means of reassuring both the Medical Radiation Technologists Board and the New Zealand public that practising medical imaging and/or radiation therapy practitioners are engaged in an ongoing process to maintain their competence within their relevant scopes of practice. 

The Board undertakes an annual audit of approximately 10% of registered and practicing medical imaging and/or radiation therapy practitioners to assess their compliance with the CPD programme in which they are enrolled.  This audit is separate from any audit process undertaken by the specific recertification (CPD) programme provider.

Every practising medical imaging and/or radiation therapy practitioners may be called up to undergo a recertification audit by the Board.  You may be called up for audit within a four-year period.

Audit of Compliance with the Board's Recertification Framework:

Each year the Board undertakes an audit of approximately 200 registered medical imaging and/or radiation therapy practitioners who hold a current APC.

The audit is carried out by Board members and practitioners nominated by invited organisations (e.g. CPD programme providers) all of whom are registered medical imaging and/or radiation therapy practitioners.  All documentation is evaluated against a standard set of criteria.  See link at bottom of this page to download a copy of the Board's Recertification Audit Evaluation Form.

If you hold an APC in more than one scope of practice, you will only be required to be enrolled in one Board-approved CPD programme.  However your CPD activities must reflect all of the scopes of practice for which you hold an APC.

Audit participants are selected randomly.  If you have been audited within the previous 3-year period and passed all of the audit requirements, your name will not be included in the current audit.  However if you were exempted, failed the previous audit or recalled for audit, you can expect to be included in the next audit.

You will be notified by email if your name has been selected for audit.  You will be given approximately 7-8 weeks within which to provide the Board with all requested documentation in regard to the CPD programme in which you are enrolled. 

You will be required to provide the following documentation:

  • Certificate of enrolment from your CPD provider.  This must include dates and the duration of your enrolment in the particular CPD programme.
  • Evidence from your CPD provider that you have completed the cycle of that CPD programme (if applicable)
  • If issued by your CPD provider, an activity record or sheet
  • Your portfolio (if you have chosen to do a portfolio rather than the option of meeting a specified number of credits)
  • Evidence of CPD activities you have undertaken.  For example, certificates of course attendance; course outlines.  Please note that if required by your CPD programme, evaluations/reflections on CPD activities and events (e.g. NZIMRT evaluation forms, reflective diary, etc.) must be included

In addition to providing the above documentation you will also be required to complete a Board Questionnaire/Declaration which must be included with your audit documentation.  This document must be completed by yourself as well as your immediate manager or another registered medical imaging and/or radiation therapy practitioners.  See link at bottom of this page to download a copy of the Board Questionnaire/Practitioner/Employer Declaration Competence Audit form.

You must ensure that you provide all the requested documentation prior to the audit taking place, failure to do so could delay your audit results.  Only photocopies of your audit documents should be submitted as they will not be returned to you after the audit has been completed.

The audit is usually scheduled for October of each year.  This means that should you fail the audit you will have a 3-5 month timeframe within which to reach the required competency standard and/or remedy any areas of deficiency prior to the issue of your next APC.

Exemption from Audits

You may be exempted from audit if you are currently:

  • On maternity leave;
  • Working overseas;
  • On long-term sick leave (i.e. more than 3 months) and provide a medical certificate;
  • Experiencing a family bereavement that results in non-practice for a period of greater than 3 months.

You may also be exempted from an audit if you provide proof that you are currently or have, within 6 months prior to the Board audit, being/been audited by your recertification/CPD provider.

All requests to be exempted from an audit must be forwarded in writing to the Board within 14 working days of your having received notification that you have been selected for audit.