Radiation Therapist


Radiation Therapists are responsible for the planning and delivery of radiation treatment, primarily for people diagnosed with cancer. Radiation Therapists create and evaluate images for the localisation, planning and delivery of radiation treatment according to the prescription of the Radiation Oncologist. 

Radiation Therapists provide specific care to patients throughout the course of their treatment and educate patients on the management of any treatment related side-effects.

Radiation Therapists competencies include but are not limited to patient care, treatment design and delivery, radiation safety, clinical and organisational responsibility for the planning and treatment, and quality assurance


To register as a Radiation Therapist in New Zealand the practitioner must satisfy one of the following:

  • An undergraduate degree in radiation therapy from a New Zealand tertiary education institution that is accredited and monitored by the Board.
  • A qualification in radiation therapy approved by the Board combined with appropriate radiation therapy experience.
  • A radiation therapy qualification and pass in a Board examination combined with appropriate radiation therapy experience.

New Zealand qualifications

 The Board has accredited one New Zealand undergraduate qualification for the purpose of registration as a Radiation Therapist:

  • Bachelor of Radiation Therapy issued by the University of Otago

Overseas qualifications

To be eligible for registration as a medical imaging or radiation therapy practitioner, you need to meet the Board’s qualification requirements and registration standards.  Further information for overseas-trained applicants can be found here.

Required experience

In addition to holding a relevant undergraduate qualification, you must also be able to provide evidence you have a minimum of 3360 hours of clinical experience in the scope of practice you are applying for registration in.