Overseas-Trained Applicants

If you hold an overseas qualification your education and experience must equip you with clinical and theoretical knowledge and skills, at least equivalent to the competencies of a New Zealand graduate.

Fitness to Practice and English Language Requirements

Effective English and communications skills are a prerequisite to practise in New Zealand. Without such skills you cannot offer patients informed consent and ensure effective participation in treatment choices.

To satisfy the English language requirement you must meet one of the following:

  • graduated from a programme accredited by the Board
  • English is your first language
  • passed the academic version of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test, and record a score of 7 in each band with overall score of 7.5.  The results must be from one sitting, and the results must be from a test completed within two years of the registration application.  Results below the standard will not be considered. 


For more information regarding IELTS go to www.ielts.org

For more information regarding the fitness to practise requirements for registration click here

Required Documentation

Once you have completed the application, you will need to pay the appropriate fee, and upload the following documents through your profile:

Please note:  A photocopy may be certified as a true copy by a solicitor, Notary Public, Justice of the Peace, or an Officer of the Court

  • A certified copy of your qualification; 
  • A certified copy of your academic transcript; 
  • Two Certificates of Good Character, completed by persons unrelated to you, and one of whom is a practising medical imaging and/or radiation therapy practitioners; 
  • Written work references; 
  • Certificates of Employment covering the 5 years of employment prior to the date of your application; 
  • MRTB Clinical Experience Form
  • Evidence of name change if applicable; 
  • A copy of your IELTS examination results; 
  • Curriculum Vitae; 
  • A copy of the full course curriculum (in English) for the qualification programme you undertook; 
  • One passport-style photograph signed with your signature and certified to be a true likeness of yourself (stating your name) by a referee or a Justice of the Peace on the reverse; 
  • If you are registered with a licensing/registration authority in your home country or any other country, please provide a certified copy of your registration certificate;
  • Certificate of Good Standing from each licensing/registration authority you are or have been registered with.  The Certificate of Good Standing should state that there are no outstanding complaints against you in regard to your conduct as a health professional. The certificate must not be more than 6-months old;
  • A letter from professional accreditation body confirming accreditation/recognition of the programme of study you completed for registration or license to practice.
  • A Police Clearance Certificate, or equivalent, from every country you have resided in, for one year or more, from the age of 16. The document must be an original or certified copy and must be issued within 3 months prior to the date of your application.  Please note, criminal check certificates issued by a third party will not be accepted.

All forms can be downloaded from the publication tab on the website

Your application can take up to 8-10 weeks to be processed. If you do not provide all required documentation at the time of submitting your application this will impact on the time taken to process your application.