New Zealand-Trained Applicants

When you apply for registration you will be required to provide a number of documents that demonstrate your competence and fitness to practise in the scope of practice you are applying for registration in.

For more information regarding the fitness to practise requirements for registration click here.

You can submit an application for registration online through the ‘Register online’ button.  Once your application has been made, you will be able to upload the required supporting documentation electronically through your online profile.

Please note, your application will not register on our database until payment of the registration fee has been made.

Required documentation

To support your application for registration, you will need to provide:

  • A certified copy of your qualification;
  • Two Certificates of Good Character that ha­ve been completed by persons unrelated to you, and one of whom is a practising medical imaging and/or radiation therapy practitioners;
  • Evidence of name change if applicable (certified copy of your marriage, birth or deed poll certificate);
  • One passport-style photograph signed with your signature and certified to be a true likeness of yourself (stating your name) by a Justice of the Peace;
  • An original or certified copy of New Zealand Ministry of Justice criminal record check, this must be no more than 3 months old at the date of your application.  You can apply for this online through the Ministry of Justice website
  • If applicable-a criminal record check, or equivalent, from every country you have resided in, for one year or more, from the age of 16. The document must be an original or certified copy and must be issued within 3 months prior to the date of your application

Documents can be certified as a true copy by a Solicitor, Notary Public, Justice of the Peace, Officer of the Court or any other person authorised to make statutory declarations in the country you are residing in.

A Certificate of Good Character template can be found on the publications page of the Board website.

What if I haven’t graduated yet, and don’t have my qualification certificate?

The Board is aware you will not receive your qualification certificate until the following graduation ceremony, consequently the Board receives from the education providers an official list of those who have successfully passed the course.  Once you have received your qualification certificate you will need to submit a certified copy of this to the Board.

How long will registration take?

Providing your application is received with all the required documentation and the full registration fee payment, your application will be processed within 10 working days and you can expect to receive confirmation of registration within 15 working days from the day your application was received by the Board.

What happens next?

Once your registration has been confirmed and prior to you commencing employment in New Zealand, you must apply for an Annual Practising Certificate (APC) in order to practise legally in New Zealand.

You can apply for your APC online, by clicking on the ‘Renew your APC’ button.