In 2006 the Medical Radiation Technologists Board joined forces with the Medical Sciences Council and formed a jointly-owned not-for-profit company, Medical Sciences Secretariat (MSS), through which all business support services are provided to these two regulatory authorities.

A cornerstone of the establishment of MSS was a commitment to building synergies between the two authorities in respect of their governance and operation activities.  Managing the operations of the authorities within the most cost-effective framework is a primary consideration when evaluating the organisational structure's continued fitness for purpose.  This has helped both the Medical Radiation Technologists Board and the Medical Sciences Council maintain relatively low practitioner fees.

MSS receives governance support and direction from a six-member Board of Directors (three from the Medical Radiation Technologists Board and three from the Medical Sciences Council) who are nominated and given specific delegated authorities by their respective Board/Council.  Service delivery is managed through a Chief Executive. 

 Secretariat Staff:

Mary Doyle


Margaret Steel


Pam Sceats

Finance and Administrator Manager

Rafah Abbas

Senior Finance Administrator

Louise Hurst

Finance & Office Administrator

Melissa Buist

Executive Assistant

Miriam Brown

Communications and Strategic Projects Coordinator

Leanne Bartlett

Senior Registration and Professional Standards Coordinator

Katherine Allen

Registration Coordinator

Hayley Roud

Registration Coordinator

Varsha Parsotam

Registration Coordinator

Isabella Rarm

Registration Coordinator

Swas Lal

Examinations Coordinator