Our Board Members

The Board is comprised of nine members: six members are registered medical imaging or radiation therapy practitioners and three members are laypersons.

Members are appointed by the Minister of Health for a term of up to three years.  A member can be re-appointed for a maximum of three consecutive terms (i.e. nine years)


Beryl Kelly


Medical Imaging Technologist

Beryl Kelly was appointed to the Board in May 2011. Beryl is currently Chair of the Board, a position held since February 2019 and has some 30 years’ experience in Radiography. She is currently the Radiography Technical Advisor to the Pacific with NZAid (MFAT) and has an on-going commitment to MIT's to ensure they are competent, safe in their practise and continually reviewing their knowledge to embrace the ever changing technologies in diagnostic imaging. Beryl represents the Board on the Advisory Committee for two of the educational providers in New Zealand.

Lizzie Macaulay

Deputy Chairperson

Medical Imaging Technologist

Appointment to the board May 2016. Lizzie has 24 years’ experience in radiography in NZ and Australia and the UK, in both public and private practice.  She is currently working at Hawke’s Bay Regional Hospital as an MIT in general and CT. She also works as a project lead for Radiology Quality Improvement across many projects in Hawke’s Bay.  Lizzie has a passion for Radiography and the role it plays in the patient journey through healthcare. She has a special interest in Continual Quality Improvement within Radiology Services. 

Anthony Bow

Lay member

Anthony was appointed to the Board in July 2017.  He is Principal of Waimana Capital, a strategic and capital advisor to growth oriented and scalable businesses, and also consults with Iwi and financial organisations. Anthony has a background in leadership, operational management, banking and finance, taxation and audit. He holds Chartered Accountant designation from the professional accounting bodies of New Zealand and Singapore, and is a member of a number of other professional organisations. Anthony is Chair and Trustee of Bill McKinlay Park Trust, a charitable trust responsible for further developing a multi-sport facility in Panmure, Auckland, for the sporting community. He is passionate about creating a better future for a diverse and multicultural New Zealand. 

Billie Mudie

Radiation Therapist

Billie was appointed to the Board in July 2015. She is a Professional Practice Fellow with the University of Otago, teaching planning on the Bachelor of Radiation Therapy. Billie also holds a joint appointment with the Wellington Blood and Cancer Centre where she works as a radiation therapist. Her passion is clinical education ensuring, new graduates are competent and safe to practice.

Louise Tarr


Appointed to the board in December 2015, Louise is a practising Sonographer and is currently Ultrasound Team leader at Mercy Radiology in Auckland.  She comes from a radiographic background with early clinical experience in General Radiography, CT and Angiography. Since completing her General and Vascular ultrasound qualifications her work experience has been focused within this field.  Louise is actively involved in staff development and student training. She is an ultrasound technical expert for IANZ and has been a member of Steering, Project oversight ultrasound groups and more recently on an Advisory board in Auckland.  She is passionate about medical imaging as a profession, maintaining health and safety and quality standards in the workplace. 

Peter Dooley

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist

Peter was appointed to the Board in May 2017 and is practicing MRI MIT and is currently the MRI team leader at Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB).  Peter has spent several years working in Auckland gaining valuable clinical experience in public and private departments before moving to Christchurch. Over the last two years Peter has designed two new MRI departments in Christchurch and has overseen procurement for four new MRI scanners. In 2015 Peter was elected as the South Island representative of the Society of MR Radiographers and Technologists (SMRT). Peter is passionate about embracing new technology which is changing how MRI has been done over last few decades.

Pru Burns

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Pru qualified as a MIT in 1993, and completed her post graduate study in Nuclear Medicine in 1999.  Pru is currently the Unit Charge of Nuclear Medicine at Wellington Regional Hospital.  She is actively involved in the New Zealand branch of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine.

Pru is passionate about the Molecular Imaging profession, and has an interest in encouraging competency and safe practice in the workplace.

Susan Yorke

Lay member

Susan is a lay member, appointed to the Board in April 2019.

She holds a BA in Political Science, a Bachelor of Law and a Masters in Public Management and is a member of the Institute of Directors.

Susan spent 20 years in private legal practice, which included advisory and governance roles in a range of community organisations. Moving to Wellington in 2004, between then and early 2019 she held several executive positions serving statutory health and social service regulatory boards. These roles included providing advice on legal compliance and risk management, engaging in strategic planning and developing complaints and disciplinary processes that complied with the principles of natural justice.

Susan has a deep knowledge of the principles and purposes of regulation in the health sector and is passionate about patient safety and the provision of good quality medical care. She seeks to be responsive to and engage with Maori to address the perspectives of Maori health service users.