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  • Opportunities to Discuss the Future Regulation of MRI

    In response to the high interest amongst the profession in being able to discuss the future regulation of MRI in NZ with the Board, it has been decided to withdraw from holding a one-off single workshop in Wellington and instead offer a series of forums throughout the country.

    To allow us time to arrange these we are looking to hold the forums in later January/early February 2016. We will make every effort to advise everyone of the proposed dates and venues for the “Roadshow Forums” by mid-December 2015.

    An Apology

    The Board extends its most sincere apology to those individuals and groups who were sent an invitation to the November workshop in Wellington. We understand many of you may have already made your travel bookings and hope that by informing you of these changes as soon as we have been able to, you will be able to make alternative arrangements with your travel provider. We look forward to being able to meet with you through our Roadshow Forums.

  • 2015 Annual Report

    The Board is pleased to present the 2015 annual report

  • Practitioners removed from the reigster

    Each year the Board reviews the register of those who have not held an APC for five-years or more.

    Below are the lists of those removed under section 144 of the HPCA Act 2003.

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  • New Graduates - Criminal Convictions History