Code of Ethics

for medical imaging and radiation therapy practitioners

This Code of Ethics is to act as a guide to any medical radiation technologist registered with the Medical Radiation Technologists Board. It is to assist medical radiation technologists working in all modalities of medical radiation technology in maintaining a high level of ethical conduct.

  1.  Medical radiation technologists will act in such a manner that will justify public trust and confidence. This will be achieved through high standards of professional competency as well as through professional conduct and appearance.
  2. Medical radiation technologists are committed to the provision of the best possible service to patients. They will maintain a working knowledge of all legislation pertinent to their practice and operate within such legislation. They will ensure that they operate within their scope of practice, delivering only those services for which they are licensed and competent to do so.
  3.  Medical radiation technologists are committed to keeping the radiation dose as low as reasonably achievable to produce diagnostic results or for treatment needs.
  4. Medical radiation technologists will provide services in such a manner as to show respect for each individual. They will act in the best interests of each patient and will maintain their standards of practice for all patients. They will also have regard for a patient's religious and political beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, nationality, social or economic status, and the nature of the person's health problems.
  5. Medical radiation technologists will protect the patient's right to privacy and keep all patient information in the strictest confidence.
  6. Medical radiation technologists will continually strive to improve their knowledge and skills of their profession.
  7. Medical radiation technologists will be respectful of fellow workers and work in a professional and co-operative manner with other health care workers.
  8. Medical radiation technologists will be responsible for reporting any unethical conduct, unsafe practice, or illegal professional activities to the appropriate bodies.
  9. Medical radiation technologists will be accountable for their clinical decision making

 Updated in 2004

Jointly generated by the Medical Radiation Technologists Board and the New Zealand Institute of Medical Radiation Technology to be used by both organisations.

Please note, the Board is currently undertaking a review of the code of ethics and will keep you informed once completed.